5 Myths You Should Need to Know About Hair Transplantation

To enhance the looks and personality of every individual, the cosmetic industry has given a lot of ways. These ways are useful to hide the flaws and make one feel better where nature betrayed badly. A hair transplantation is one of the cosmetic procedures that benefit a lot of people. Hair loss is a painful experience for every male and female that’s why many of them thought about hair transplantation. However, very few people dare to go for treatment. If you are looking for a proper consultation, you can visit some best hair transplant clinics in Delhi.

So, here we have mentioned the top common myths and facts which you should know before you go for hair transplant:

Myth 1: Hair Transplantation Process is Painful

Fact: For your general information, hair transplant is done under local anesthesia. So, there is no need for the patient to be admitted to the clinic on the very same day of the procedure they can go home and can start daily activities.

Myth 2: Hair Transplant is Unsafe

Fact: While hair transplant there is no damage to your skin, brain or eyes and hair transplant procedure works only on the first layer of the scalp, leaving the other 4 intact. If your hair transplant procedure is get done correctly, you will just face slight itching or redness for a short period. To get more about details on the process you can consult the best doctor for hair transplant in Delhi.

Myth 3: Only Men Can Do Hair Transplant

Fact: Some bald women think that they cannot undergo hair transplants as this procedure is meant only for men. But according to doctors, women are as a suitable candidate as men, since they too have baldness. For both male and female, the pattern of baldness and the number of grafts which can be extracted is different. So, every bald woman patient should go for hair transplant doctors.

Myth 4: Hair Transplant is not Affordable by Normal People

Fact: The cost of hair transplant is dependent on various factors especially for the number of grafts that are to be transplanted. Because of this price get varies from person to person.

Myth 5: Hair Transplant Surgery can affect the brain.

Fact: Hair transplant does not come in contact below skin deep structure. So there is no chance to contact with a brain that’s why this is considered a very safe procedure.

So, are you ready to take consultation from the top hair transplant doctors in Delhi? To reach this decision, it would be best for you to do research beforehand, search on the internet, talk to your family members and friends who have undergone a hair transplant process and do visit Radiance Cosmedic Centre.


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