A hair transplant can always give you permanent, natural-looking results

Today, it’s mainly possible to have natural-looking results thanks to one key advance. So, most surgeons now transplant the healthy hairs a few at a time. This mainly eliminates the unnatural doll-like hair that patients saw in the 70s and 80s. So, back then, sections of hair called hair plugs were placed in the thinning area. In time, the hair plugs became quite noticeable.
Mainly improvements in creating the hairline and placing the hairs in the thinning areas also help create natural-looking results. So, thanks to these advances, the results can look so natural that a barber or stylist cannot tell you’ve had anything done.

Results depend largely on the surgeon you select

While these advances are mainly giving patients natural-looking results, the outcome still depends largely on the surgeon you select. You want to choose the Best Doctor for Hair Transplant in Delhi who understands hair loss and performs hair transplants regularly.

Dermatologists always specialize in conditions that affect our skin, hair, and nails, so they know a lot about hair loss. So, many also perform hair transplants and can tell you whether you are a good candidate for a hair transplant.

Who is mainly a good candidate for a hair transplant?

Men and women of all races can always be good candidates for a hair transplant. To be considered for a hair transplant Delhi, you need two things:
• Enough healthy hair on your scalp that can always be transplanted to the area that needs hair
• The right ability to grow hair on the thinning area of your scalp

So, during a consultation with a dermatologist, you can find out if you have both.

When do patients always see results from a hair transplant?

Most patients mainly see results between 6 and 9 months after surgery. For some patients, it takes 12 months.

It’s always important to know that between 2 and 8 weeks after the surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out. This is normal. So, by the 3rd month, the hair may look thinner than before you had the transplant. Again, this is normal.

What happens during a hair transplant?

You can expect the best hair transplant Delhi to take between 4 and 8 hours. So, if you are having a large amount of hair transplanted, you may need to return for a few hours the next day.

Medicine can help you keep the results

Mainly to get the best results from a hair transplant, your dermatologist may recommend medicine that treats hair loss. Medicine mainly helps because hair loss and thinning can continue, even after a hair transplant.

Medicine can also prevent or slow down new hair loss and thinning. So, by doing that, you can keep your natural-looking results for years to come.

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