7 Factors That Influence A Hair Transplant Cost

Regardless of how technologically advanced is the hair transplant method you choose and how visually appealing does your scalp look post-transplant, the vitally important question in the minds of prospects is whether hair transplantation in India really successful? Thankfully the answer is “YES”!

• The different hair transplant techniques are it FUT, FUE, Hybrid Hair transplant, or Robotic hair transplant that are adopted by clinics offering the best hair transplant in India are widely acclaimed for their success rates and real, astonishing results.
• Over time hair transplantation has developed into a commonplace cosmetic procedure.
• According to a reputed hair transplant surgeon, hair transplant cost in Delhi ranges from INR 15 to INR 120 per follicle with a few clinics coming up with specialized hair transplant packages starting from INR 30000 and upwards in line with the extent of customization.
• By and large, the factors playing a pivotal role to ascertain the overall cost of a hair transplant procedure include the following.

1. The total number of follicles required in accordance with their grade and impacted area of baldness
2. The density of hair in the donor area which is particularly important to determine the hair transplant technique to be taken up to meet your individual prerequisites
3. The technology, degree of customization, and the superiority of the equipment used for the transplant
4. The Qualification, experience, and skill of the surgeon
5. The geographical location of the clinic, for instance, the cost of hair transplant in Delhi and other metro cities where the cost of living is high and surgery cost is expected to be higher when compared to other smaller cities and towns
6. Competition wherein hair transplant in places with relatively few surgeons may be more expensive
7. The total number of sessions or time needed for the treatment


• Subsequent to hair transplant surgery in Delhi the sensitivity of the scalp is heightened.
• Wearing bandage all over the scalp for a couple of days might be necessary.
• A doctor carrying out a hair transplant in India may prescribe a pain-relief medication, an anti-inflammatory medication to avert swelling, and an antibiotic to forestall infection.
• The time of recovery is conditional on the employed hair transplant surgery technique with FUE offering a speedier recovery period.
• On the whole, the majority of people resume work within a few days to a week after the procedure.
• Sutures done, if any, are usually dissolvable or removed within 10 days.

Possible costs after a transplant

• In addition to the hair transplant surgery cost in Delhi there are additional recovery costs, for example:

o Antibiotics
o Anti-inflammatory medication
o Pain-relieving medication
• As per a cosmetic surgeon offering the best hair transplant in Delhi, treatment may likewise be essential to ward off complications post-surgery.
• This can entail an outlay on extra medications and frequent visits to the doctor
• Also, a number of surgeons recommend a widely known hair-growth drug called Minoxidil, a few days after a transplant.
• This drug costs approximately Rs 600 to 800 per month, even though its efficacy isn’t present for all based on their genetics. It needs to be applied to life long ideally.

People who are keen on going for a hair transplant in Delhi should first carry out a thorough research on the subject and select a highly experienced, skill full, and qualified plastic surgeon preferably also a Diplomate of American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery ( ABHRS ) to accomplish the surgery. It’s recommended to have a discussion with your surgeon on the risks and recovery periods prior to going ahead with the surgery.


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