CROWN - The Hair Transplant Experts

Each client is a King who deserves a special CROWN. We aim to help you rediscover yourself by reclaiming the magic of youth!

We practice customized hair transplant procedures of global standards with complete transparency. We ensure youthful, life-changing transformations through rare artistry. Each patient’s needs are unique and different even if they have the same condition. That is precisely why we ensure that our team hand holds you to make informed decisions about the procedures best suited for you.

With an explosion of activity in the industry, we see the mushrooming of dime-a dozen hair transplant clinics every other day. This makes it very important to make a judicious decision concerning the choice of a hair transplant clinic. What sets a hair transplant clinic, a class apart from the others is the exceptional expertise of the team of Doctors and support staff. We, at CROWN, can vouch for that since it is the brainchild of Dr Mayank, the celebrity hair transplant surgeon. His exceptional know-how and dedication to patient satisfaction ensure a premium experience for every client who walks into CROWN.

About Dr Mayank

With 14 years of remarkable experience and over 4000 successful hair transplant surgeries to his credit, Dr Mayank is one of India’s top 5 hair transplant surgeons. He is well known for his painless surgeries with minimally invasive techniques.

A hair restoration surgeon goes through a great deal of study, apprenticeship and years of practice. It is a fine art that requires extreme precision, experience, talent, and skill.

A good surgeon is like an artist who customises the transplant to suit the person, his age, and his facial profile so that the end result looks natural. Dr Mayank Singh’s artistry is evident at every stage of the surgery, from start to finish.


MBBS, MS, M.Ch, Diplomate American Board of Restoration Surgeons

Professional Member​

Academic Achievements

Gold medalist in General Surgery: MS
Dr Shelly O Friedman Award: ABHRS, Prague


Advanced Aesthetic Surgical Fellowship under Dr. Ruth Graf (Curitiba, Brazil) & Dr. Sheryl Aston (New York, USA)

A Renowned Faculty & Speaker at:


What makes Dr Mayank the most celebrated hair transplant surgeon?

An expert, ardently passionate about what he does, Dr Mayank Singh’s artistry is evident at every stage of the surgery from start to finish. He strives to restore the natural, youthful look of his clients through magical transformations. With incomparable expertise in all techniques of hair transplant including FUT , FUE , Simultaneous FUE, Hybrid hair transplant, he is adept at combining these techniques to suit the individual needs of his clients.

Being one among the very few hair transplant surgeons who are qualified and board-certified plastic surgeons, with the additional qualification of Diplomate ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons ), is yet another feather on his crown! Known for his technical excellence and strict adherence to medical law, he is currently an Examiner with ABHRS and a distinguished member of the Ethical and Recertification committee of ABHRS.

In a few months post the hair transplant at CROWN, the patient looks at least 10 years younger…as if he never suffered from hair loss. When asked about how he manages to do this magic every time, this is what Dr Mayank has to say:

 “Hair restoration is a scientific procedure but it’s a rare art that only a chosen few master. A hair restoration surgeon goes through a great deal of study, apprenticeship, and years of practice. It is a fine art that requires extreme precision, experience, talent, and skill. I see myself as an artist who creates magical transformation by customizing the procedure to suit the person, his age, her facial profile so that the result looks natural.”

What do we do at CROWN?​

Hair is the crowning glory of every individual. Hair frames our faces and gives us a unique identity. 

When a person loses his hair, he loses a part of his identity. When we restore the hair, we rekindle hope and happiness. We make him feel like a king, with a new Crown.

A crown of confidence.
A crown of optimism.
A crown of invincibility. 

How did CROWN emerge as a Premium brand?

With a vision to enable you to rediscover yourself by reclaiming the power of youth, CROWN promises magical transformations. We are a premium brand that caters to the Global Elites who will never compromise on a fantastic world-class service. We strike a fine balance between empathy and the audacity to innovate, guided by ethical values

Hair has always played a pivotal role from time immemorial, with the ancient royalty flaunting their elaborate wigs as a sign of wealth and status. Who doesn’t love the Disney princess, Rapunzel with her long lustrous hair, cascading down her back?! Who doesn’t admire the wild, bouncy locks of the mighty hero, in the movie, that resemble the waves of a stormy sea.?! Several studies suggest that people feel attractive and confident when their hair is healthy and in top shape.

It deeply impacts how we view ourselves and thus plays a crucial role in one’s self-esteem. It is rightly referred to as the ‘crowning glory’ of every individual. It can be said without exaggeration that it shatters one’s heart when one loses his hair.  We, at CROWN, rekindle their lost hope, confidence, and happiness by restoring their hair with tailor-made, painless, and minimally invasive techniques. We make them feel like the King or Queen that they are, but with a new crown- A crown of optimism; A crown of invincibility!

Our Unique 5C approach

We, at CROWN, follow a distinctive 5C approach at each step – from Consultation to Follow-up. This ensures a premium experience for each client from HI to BYE!



Call-in to book an appointment; The clinic manager will do a Check-in by registering your name and your problem that needs our care; Next step is the Consultation where the surgeon will evaluate you clinically and guide you to the best course of action;

The surgeon will proceed to Customise by explaining the procedure that would suit you the best and address all your questions and concerns;

The customer care professional will step in next to Co-ordinate the commercials, medical reports required and allotment of the surgery date. 


We will move into the next stage of the procedure with the customer care manager re- Confirming your appointment, a day before the surgery; You and your caretaker will have to sign in the Consent form before the surgery; 

Check-up: The surgeon will check your vital parameters, medical reports and move you to the procedure room for Crowning

The surgeon will perform the crowning procedure with the help of his professional team. Post the surgery the clinic manager will escort you and your caretaker to Check-in to the guest-room



The customer care manager will Confirm your appointment for the follow-up meeting. The surgeon will remove the bandages from the head during Consultation I that will be followed by Cleansing.

Here, the professional team will wash the scalp gently to ensure there are no scabs. This will be followed by Consultation II where the surgeon will re-examine your head, scalp, scars, and prescribe the medication as per the need.

This will lead you to the final Check-out where the customer care manager will suggest the next course of action and escort you out.