7 Things To Consider While Consulting With A Hair Transplant Surgeon

By and large, the most effective way to look for a top FUE surgeon in Delhi is through a referral from your general physician, dermatologist, or a patient with an identical condition. There are certain key things you should order to ensure while busy consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

So, here are 7 essential tips to mull over during your consultation with one of the best FUE surgeons in Delhi.

1. See to it, a careful evaluation of your condition is performed by your plastic surgeon, someone who will carry out the surgery.

  • Never allow a consultant or an official staff of the clinic to know and assess your case history.
  • Even though it’s acceptable on the part of a non-physician to respond to general queries, the prime examination must be conducted by a qualified, experienced doctor who is in a position to come up with treatment recommendations suitable to your needs.

2. The percentage of patients that the doctor recommends for surgical intervention must be known.

  • It may be a problematic case on the off chance a doctor for FUE hair transplant Delhi recommends surgery for a major number of patients.
  • This is concerning since a number of patients may not appear as good candidates for hair transplant in the course of the consultation, primarily because of young age or inadequate supply of hair follicles in the donor area or due to excessive hair shedding phase or secondary conditions of the scalp which make the surgery a wrong choice of treatment.
  • There are lots of men suffering from preliminary hair loss, a condition that can be initially treated with the help of medications and therapies.
  • Furthermore, there are plenty of women who fail as good candidates for hair transplant surgery on account of the diffused thinning pattern and inconsistent donor area frequently observed in patients coming down with female pattern baldness.

3.Make certain your scalp condition is scrutinized with a fine-tooth comb.

  • This can be achieved by checking hair density on the scalp with a densitometer.
  • Also, the laxity or looseness of your scalp needs to be confirmed through careful observation.
  • Be on your guard with a doctor who you find taking only a fleeting glance at your scalp and declares you an ideal candidate for FUE or FUT hair transplant surgery in Delhi.

4.Rest assured that your consulting surgeon listens to your queries and concerns and answers them in a lucid fashion besides making you feel comfortable.

5.Be absolutely sure your doctor has an unwavering focus on a long-lasting plan.

  • A doctor with good, seasoned credentials is one who will think about the nature of severity of your hair loss, how your scalp will be impacted in the years to come, and then contemplate choosing the right procedure to improve prospects in the long term.
  • Best FUE doctors Delhi testify it’s crucial to imagine from an aesthetic perspective how hair restoration may come near 5 to 20 years down the line as one begins losing extra hair because of aging.

6.Ensure to not being rushed into hair transplant surgery.

  • Since it’s a cosmetic procedure, the onus lies on the doctor to talk over sundry medical as well as surgical alternatives, even including the option of no treatment.
  • Set aside a lot of time to cogitate on each of the options prior to opting for the right choice that has to stay permanently in your life.

7.When choosing among the top FUE doctors in Delhi, you must follow your gut instinct to choose an ethical surgeon who is transparent about all facts.

  • If you’re feeling it discomforting interacting with your health care practitioner, it amply suggests you have landed yourself in the wrong place.


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