Are any Health Risks involved by getting a Hair Transplant Surgery?

Choosing to get a hair transplant is a major lifestyle choice and there is nothing wrong in finding out the risks involved. If you would visit any responsible hair transplant surgeon who generally has MS in plastic surgery they will tell you getting any type of surgery there is always an element of risk and hair transplant is no different. Although only a few patients ever face any complications but there are risks because this process involves the doctor to move scalp of hair and hair follicles from an area called the donor area which is back is the back of our head and after harvesting it carefully implant to an area where there is thinning of hair or baldness. On the bright side, hair transplant has helped thousands of men look younger and more confident because if done correctly the new hair will natural. 

Risks getting hair transplant

  1. Once the new hair is implanted in some cases the new hair follicles do not grow back but that is rare
  2. It is important the doctor who performs the hair transplant is a plastic surgeon because they have real knowledge of aesthetics. Otherwise, the end results could look unnatural with a patchy hair pattern.
  3. Possible infections are excessive itching, excessive bleeding, and swelling. However, all this can be cured with prescribed medications
  4. Those who opt for follicular unit transplant (FUT) there will be a permanent Scar on the back of the head because the doctor will have to remove a strip of hair follicles. But it gets covered once the hair grows back 

That is why a lot of attention must be given to proper Pre-Op and Post-Op Care which can prevent Infection. As mentioned above a successful hair transplant depends on two things


  1. Experienced doctor preferably a plastic surgeon
  2. Patient having a realistic expectation.

Hair transplant can never give hair loss patients the original thickness because it is a camouflage exercise and lot depends on how much donor area you have. There are risks in hair transplant but advancement in hair transplant technology has made it possible to have very high rate of success.


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