Essential tips to speed up hair growth post hair transplant surgery

The developing concern about hair loss has driven numerous people to choose an effective hair loss treatment. This is the real reason why hair transplant in Delhi is becoming progressively common. Nonetheless, everyone must note that hair-transplant or hair restoration surgery is a technique and not a miracle. Hence, it is critical for each individual who undergoes the surgery to be calm and stoical as the results take time to show up.

Below mentioned few tips will help in accelerating your hair growth post-surgery:
  • Tenderly treating your scalp with the medications endorsed by the transplant specialist can abstain from damaging the areas of the transplanted hair. You can use a mild shampoo to cleanse gently the territory around the grafted hair follicles, once your doctor permits, to circumvent abrasions. Rather than rubbing, pat dry your scalp after washing.
  • Tingling and scabbing sensations are normal eventual outcomes of a hair-transplant procedure. Note that proper healing can be ensured by avoiding scratching your scalp and keeping your fingers far off.
    3. Avoid physical exercises like jogging, outdoorsy sports etc. post-surgery for a fortnight or so to avert the falling off recently transplanted hair of the scalp.
  • According to the best hair transplant experts in Delhi, you can essentially have a favourable impact on hair growth by tenderly massaging your scalp with few drops of essential oils like rosemary, peppermint, and sage.
  • Drinking at least 7-10 glasses of water every day is compulsory for expelling toxins and other ailment causing bacteria and microorganisms from the body through urination. With the elimination of the toxins, the body focuses more on your scalp prompting speedier hair growth.
  • A healthy and balanced diet enriched with iron, proteins, essential nutrients and vegetables like beans, broccoli and anti-oxidant nourishments such as blueberries, tomatoes, cherries, etc. help to fortify hair follicle development. Foods with additives like dairy products that can induce allergic susceptibilities should be avoided.
  • Vitamins are fundamental for stimulating the hair development process. In light of your doctor’s recommendations, daily intake of Vitamin B6 capsules can rejuvenate hair growth.

Following the doctor’s guidelines is the key to get the best end-results after your hair transplant surgery. Additionally, make sure to collaborate with the best surgeons performing hair transplant in Delhi who can render enduring returns on your investment. Hair transplant surgery is a game-changer that enhances the self-esteem and social status of the individuals who undergo it.


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