Finding The Best Answers About Hair Transplant Treatment Procedure

Does the density of transplanted hair be similar to that of the native hair?

  • Transplanted hair density will hardly match natural hair density.
  • Since the available donor area is limited, the full head can’t be covered with natural density.
  • Also, this isn’t possible as the implanted hair grafts will receive very little blood supply needed for their growth.
  • The procedure of hair transplant treatment is more like an illusion sought to be created.
  • The best outcome is realized when you create the best illusion.

Can I go for a hair transplant if I suffer from alopecia areata?

  • People having diffuse alopecia areata characterized by sporadic bald patches aren’t ideal candidates for a hair transplant surgery.
  • This is because of insufficient donor density and numerous scarring over both donor and recipient areas that happen because of alopecia areata.

Can a dose of finasteride help prior to the surgery to help grow a thicker volume of hair?

  • No, it can’t.
  • Make sure you don’t take finasteride before surgery
  • It will keep up the thinning hair and the best hair transplant surgeon won’t be able to ascertain the quality of grafts implanted.
  • Also, hair sustained with finasteride prior to the surgery won’t grow appreciably when you’ll stop taking the doses 6 months post-surgery.
  • Then it will adversely impact the quality of the outcome.
  • It’s recommended to put a stop to the intake of finasteride 3 months prior to the procedure.

Will there be any experience of numbness in the donor and recipient area after the procedure?

  • Nearly all patients go through this usual upshot.
  • However, there’s nothing to feel apprehended as there is virtually zero chance of any damage to nerves during FUE since the punctures are 2 to 3 mm deep in the donor area and 4 mm deep in the recipient area.
  • Nonetheless, cutaneous nerves on the skin’s superficial layer are impacted even though they get restored within a span of 6 to 12 weeks.
  • Note that you may feel more numbness in the recipient area.
  • The nerves on the donor area get faster recovery since they have a lesser depth of the puncture.

Can I take to water sports for many days before the surgery?

  • It’s not favourable to sustain sunburns 7 days ahead of the procedure.
  • But you can swim or engage in other water sports before 9 AM or after 3 PM when the probability to get sunburn is less.
  • Because of sunburn, the tonal texture of your skin changes and the subsequent healing can give rise to increased loss of blood in the course of the procedure.

Is oil application necessary post-surgery?

  • The necessity of the application of oil on your scalp post-surgery is purely optional.
  • The scalp produces its inherent oil which contains the essential growth factors.
  • The efficacy of this naturally secreted oil is suppressed when extra lubrication is done through an external application.
  • Also, while applying oil on and massaging your scalp you cause the telogen hair to fall more quickly which, in turn, delays the manifestation of overall results of the hair transplant.

Is there any requirement of blood tests prior to the procedure?

  • Yes, blood tests will be conducted on the evening prior to the day of the surgery.
  • These blood tests are conducted to gauge your existing conditions of diabetes, hypertension, or bleeding disorders if any.


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