Four Questions worth Knowing About Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a condition which plagues both men and women. It’s a genetic disorder that starts prevailing more as we age. A few specific underlying medical problems can also give rise to hair loss. When you begin losing your hair, you look older than you actually are. Also, hair loss can adversely impact your self-esteem. In the event, you’re grappling with this predicament you may wish and contemplate getting a hair transplant in Delhi. 

Inasmuch as you explore your options for a hair transplant, there are four prime thoughts that you’ll keep returning to. They’re namely, the level of pain, the extent of scarring, the magnitude of noticeability, the lasting impact or finally the influence of chemical usage. You’ll find lots of answers to these deliberations on the internet. At Radiance Cosmedic Centre, this is our interpretation of the hair transplant surgery offered by us using the state-of-the-art technique of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). 

Will it hurt?

You should be aware of the fact that hair transplant surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, you may expect a slight pain. If any at all, you may experience mild discomfort. Once the anesthesia recedes, there may be an occurrence of a little soreness. As a matter of fact, most patients don’t encounter anything more serious than something which a couple of ibuprofen can’t alleviate. In most likelihood, the very lack of discomfort may pleasantly surprise you. 

Will it be obvious?

The one particular aspect that most patients who undergo hair transplant in Delhi don’t feel like is something as if they’re trying to hide or else patch up their hairline. Nearly all the best doctors for hair transplant take responsibility to fulfill the topmost goal of creating the most natural looking results for every patient. At the outset, there may be a little redness in the areas from where the hair follicles were extracted and to where they were inserted. The irritation and redness subside in a few days post-surgery. Gradually, your hairline will start to look more natural and appealing. Truth be told, the complete result doesn’t manifest instantly. It takes roughly 6 to 12 months for the transplanted hair to grow full blown and look natural. 

Will it last?

Hair transplant surgery is markedly different from any other surgery. While it’s minimally invasive, the surgery has the potential to change your entire life. Even though there’s a physiological element involved here, which you may not control, by and large, it depends on you. You find the recovery from the procedure fairly quick. But, the final results may go in for almost a year to be fully perceptible. Thus, if you gently treat your newly restored hair and scalp, there isn’t absolutely any reason to disbelieve that your graft will last a lifetime. 

Will it accept chemicals?

Depending on the hair transplant technique you opt for in Delhi, you have small incisions made on your scalp as part of the procedure. It normally takes a fortnight for a successful hair transplant to heal. You can expect to get gainful results in no sooner than three months. The newly grafted hair follicles exhibit increased sensitivity compared to the original hair. Therefore, it’s important that you stay away from using harsh chemicals for a minimum of four to six weeks after the transplant surgery while washing or cleansing your hair.

Don’t run out to grab the latest gimmick to restore and grow your fallen hair. In case, you’re struck down with hair loss, you should give us a call. The team at Radiance Cosmedic Centre helps regain the hair you deserve and look and feel your best. 


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