Hair-brained! Don’t smash up your scalp with a cheap transplant

Are you in need of a hair transplant? Stay away from getting won over by classifieds that offer cheap hair transplant procedures in Delhi. Doctors warn they can permanently damage your scalp.

At present, the most commonly performed techniques of hair transplant are FUT and FUE. FUT involves transplanting hair follicles from the permanent zone, the sides and back of the scalp, where hair is more impervious to baldness, to the bald patches. FUE is a lengthier process that takes in the transplant of 500 to 1000 hair strands at a time.

Hair transplants in Delhi costroughly on an average, between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 50,000. However, the cost mounts up with increase in the number of hair follicles to be transplanted and the renown of the clinic and surgeon offering the transplant.

Nowadays, newspapers and magazines provide widespread advertisements for cheap hair transplants in Delhi. However, experts, while expressing their opinion, suggest believing such ads thoughtlessly is akin to inviting a disaster.

If not done properly, the procedure can lead to plenty of complications. People often get tempted by lucrative offers but finish off paying back in the form of irremovable scars and regretful outcomes. A great deal of scarring, bleeding and infection can happen in the front and back of your scalp. A cheap hair transplant, hastily done, can result in permanent damage. The visible scars, besides looking ugly, are upsetting reminders of a treatment gone awry. 

Furthermore, opting for a hair transplant in Delhi that costs cheap and performed by inexperienced and untrained doctors can make your hair look artificial. The newly arrived crop looks far from being natural, more like a ‘paddy field’ of synthetic hair placed on top of your head. Moreover, patients develop permanent, damaging scars in the front and back of their scalp.

Thus, the lure of attractive discounts offered by some clinics having doctors who the lack skill and training can land you in a nightmare. People should never get grabbed by the attention of such advertisements. These give negative publicity not just to the clinics and doctors but to the procedures as well.

It’s extremely important for you to carry out basic research and groundwork identifying those who are experts in this domain. You need to check the surgeon’s previous track record of successful cases. Trusting people with measly experience or getting carried away by eye-catching offers can cost dearly.


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