Hair Transplant at Radiance Cosmedic Centre

Gone are the days when people concealed their thinning hairs and bald scalps under hats or scarves. The present era has offered many treatment options provided by hair transplant surgery experts that give new hope to those who have been suffering from hair loss or baldness and wish to acquire an attractive mane. Let’s have a detailed look about the process concerning its benefits, risks, costing and result to expect. 


A natural process – Your hairs are transplanted back to the scalp which helps to maintain original hair color, and the natural growth begins after two months.
Safe –There is no use of any chemicals or medications that may damage your natural hair.
Reliable – Unlike most of the holistic methods offered by experts, this process provides a more permanent and dependable solution to your receding hairline.
Low maintenance – If the best hair transplant doctor does the procedure then you can expect soft hairs, and there is no need to utilize any special shampoo to maintain hair density.


These include contamination, numb area, itching, bleeding, and swelling. Hence the doctors at hair transplant clinic suggest that the person should have a good fitness level to ensure towards quick healing.


The cost of hair transplant surgery in India is quite low which ranges from 40000 to 1lakh while per graft price is about Rs 25 to 30.

Why us?

Our Clinic has got the Best hair transplant surgeons in Delhi who have attained excellence in the works done by them. They are highly qualified, and trained professionals and you can expect them to make the best decision for you. Moreover, the presence of state of the art technology, hygienic environment and warranty offered on our treatments makes us the Best hair transplant in Delhi.


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