Hair Transplantation- A Need To Know

Your hair is a sign the describes your look and confidence. In today’s time this has become a major concerns as due to the ever-changing climate and lifestyle habits people are losing on the same.
But do not worry as the best doctor for hair transplant in Delhi has come up with a couple of procedures that would help you revive your hair and give it a natural growth feeling.

So here the process of hair transplant goes wherein it plucks hair follicle from the ‘donor site’ and implants it on the part of the scalp where the hair growth is scarce and we call it ‘recipient site’. This technique is carried on both males and females to get rid of the bald feeling.

As a part of experience and research, it is noticed that the top hair transplant doctors Delhi are well-equipped with the latest technology to give its customers the best and fastest changes possible.
As studied, it is seen that hair generally grows in groupings of 1-4 hairs, from the donor sit this hair is plucked and placed in a follicular unit where natural hair growth can be seen. This carbon copy hair growth is known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Harvesting from the donor site known as strip harvesting and follicular unit (FUE) is done.


• You need to have a supple scalp
• The thickness of your hair and scalp would decide its success
• Your scalp needs to be disease-free and not affected by anything. A common scalp problem Alopecia means unhealthy donor supply is suffered
• Your scalp color and the hair color needs to be less distinct


The best clinics for Hair Transplant Delhi suggest the following steps for a successful result:
 Anesthesia- The first step taken up would be to inject the anesthesia at the back of your scalp to make it numb. Post that he may use either Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS).
 Plucking- From the donor site 6-10 inches of skin is extracted and that area is then sewed and covered by the hair present in that zone.
 Grafting- Each of the strips is divided into 500-2000 grafts and this is basis quality, texture, color and the area where the transplant would happen.
 Technique- If the FUE is proceeded with then the back of the head is shaved off which leaves over tiny dots and it’s later covered by the hair when it grows. Beyond this the process for FUSS and FUE is similar.
 Transplant- Now the area where the transplantation would happen is numbed and a slit is formed with the help of a scalpel and with a lot of focus, care, and prevention the grafts are placed in the hole. This process should always be supported by a team cautiously.
This process would require patience as it can take 5-10 hours for the complete procedure to happen and in case you opt to have thicker hair then it is advised to take another sitting.


The entire recovery period would constitute of around 7-8 months wherein 60% of the fresh hair growth is noticed. Post the transplantation a hair growth drug named Minoxidil is suggested by the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi.


There are various packages that are being decided depending upon the need of the customer. Hair transplant cost in Delhi may range from INR 3000 to INR 1,35,000.

It is advised to do your research and get good reference before you get your hair transplantation done as this process is prone to certain risks.


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