How to prepare for hair transplant?

One can talk about many aspects of hair transplant but the most important goal is a natural result otherwise the whole purpose is defeated. That is why if proper results are to be achieved the doctor will have to follow well-established principles of natural hair growth. When your doctor knows more about natural hair growth you have a better chance of getting good hair restoration result. While hair is being placed on the targeted area the patient is in a reclining position and to ensure they are comforting. Also, they are given local anesthetic so they do not feel any pain. 

So what we need to know first are the principles of natural hair growth

A single unit of hair is called a follicular unit and a follicular unit may contain one, two or three hair follicles. When this is surgically extracted and harvested and then implanted we achieve a more natural result.

Obtaining these follicular units is a delicate process where a strip of hair is obtained from the back or sides of the head also known as donor’s hair and also in most case the hair in this area are plentiful. Once hair is segmented into grafts it is implanted in the area or areas where hair is thinning. The donor site in the back of the head where a strip of hair was taken is closed with dissolvable sutures and the scar stays hidden once the hair on the back grows back.

While the patient waits for hair transplantation, the extracted grafts from the strip of hair are prepared into hundreds of individual follicular units for relocation. The preparation of each follicular unit is demanding task and it is done by a microscopic. After that, the grafts are implanted in a direction and orientation consistent with natural hair growth. When hair transplantation is performed that is consistent with your hair growth, the results will give a natural appearance and it will be entirely your own hair. 


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