Important Tips of Donor Hairs for Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is the best process of hair restoration which is beneficial for the person who is facing frequent hair loss and having the problem of bald patches. Hair transplant doctors have various methods and techniques of re-growth of the hairs according to the body condition of the patient.

According to the Best Hair Transplant Doctors, surgical hair growth is a viable option for many sufferers who have lost their hairs.

• Hair can be lost due to several reasons such as:
• Hair loss due to hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause.
• Frequent intake of birth control pills can also affect hair growth.
• Sometimes genetic or family history of losing hairs can also be one of the reasons.
• Medical conditions like thyroid, typhoid or infection on hair scalp can cause hair loss.
• Regular medicines of high blood pressure, depression, arthritis, heart problem or sugar can imbalance the hormones and these hair losses.
• Radiation therapies of Cancer also cause hair loss.

There are many reasons for being bald, but doctors have also found many hair restoration methods that have been proved successful. But to perform these processes, many people have thought in mind that from where the hairs are going to be taken for covering the bald patches. To clear out all the doubts, Best Clinic for hair transplant says that the hair donation for hair transplant is best if taken from the patient’s body. They say that generally the hair can be taken from the back of the sufferer’s scalp and then transplanting it to the bald areas.

There are several conditions from which hair donation can be taken are:

• Hairs can be taken from the back scalp of the patients.
• Hairs can also be taken from the other body parts of the patient.
• Top 100 Hair Transplant Doctors says that identical twins can also exchange their hair for transplantation.

According to scientists, there are no ways of transferring the hair form one person to another because of the high risk of having certain medical conditions. However, doctors are finding ways of transferring hairs from person to person without having any problem.
So, it can be said that you are the only one who can donate hairs to yourself to cover up your baldness. The common donor sites in men are the sides and backs of their heads hair along with the hair follicles.

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