Important tips to style your hair post-transplant

This present-day hair transplant in Delhi has turned into a much-discussed subject, and why not, it’s after all, an extraordinary procedure with far-reaching effects. The main thing that gets into the mind of any individual who goes through a hair transplantation surgery is the means by which to play around with their hair once the procedure at long last is finished. Pause, you have to offer a reprieve here!

While the enthusiasm of promptly arranging your new hair in a stylish way is justified, the best hair transplant experts in Delhi put forward a few vital facets that you have to look at. Glance through some of these salient points below: 

Results don’t come to light instantly

Patience plays a key role here. The recently transplanted hair will undoubtedly fall off post-surgery and this period will last for anywhere between 3-6 months before new permanent hair grows. You’ll notice a thicker and fuller hair in the following months.


The excitement of shampooing your hair post-transplant will give you a new high. But, surgeons who conduct hair transplantation in Delhi firmly prescribe to refrain from using a shampoo for at least a couple of days, except if it’s done through the administration of a medical expert. Shampoo your hair with a mild cleanser simply after the specialist gives you a go-ahead. 

Heat Treatment

The newly grown grafts at the donor region will be senseless for no less than a week post-surgery. Dodge the use of hair dryer for quite a while as the dryer’s heat can harm the healing of the hair follicles and you may unmindfully wind up scorching your hair. 

Hair Dye and Chemicals

Don’t use them after your surgery. The freshly transplanted hair follicles are delicate and prone to develop adverse reactions with hair dyes and colourings. Hair transplant pros normally suggest avoiding synthetic chemicals for no less than three weeks post-transplant.


Permanent hair regrowth is a prolonged process. You’ll need to sit tight for some time before trying various styles on your hair. There may also be a need to change your hairdo so as to adjust the recently grown hair. Typically, you can begin applying hair gel or hairspray following two weeks of surgery. Mousse can be especially useful in boosting the volume of your hair.

Hair transplant surgery can give an awesome lift to your self-confidence and anybody’s life can change for the great after this procedure. Hair transplant in Delhi reviews the experience, feedback and queries of the clients in various online forums to assist prospects in getting a feel of the life after. Alongside, the instructional tips of the hair transplant surgeon should be remembered for the best outcomes. 


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