Is hair transplant safe procedure?

Many individuals are facing one common problem today that is the loss of hair. Hair fall can be caused due to various reasons. It can be because hereditary factors, lack of sleep, stress, imbalances in the hormones, or even a bad diet consumed. It is a common factor that men go through pattern baldness after a particular age. The results of hair fall can also lead to lack of confidence, can trouble the mental state of an individual and also cause a lot of discomfort in the society we live in. The solutions people find to get rid of baldness is usually by using a pair of the wig. Have you ever wondered what if the wig doesn’t stay stable throughout? Fear not there is a solution here which can accommodate your pockets and help you stay carefree about the loss of your hair. Today hair transplant has created a buzz in helping people restore the hair that is lost due to hair fall. If you are wondering if hair transplants are safe and successful, we have all your doubts cleared for you. So, keeping in mind what measures are to be taken before seeking the treatment to the results we have all your questions answered. What should be kept in mind before seeking a hair transplant? One should consider if they have a healthy amount of hair on the scalp that can be transplanted to the part which requires restoration. Should be sure about taking a step for the treatment as it can cost a sum and specialized care. The tests required before seeking a doctor?
  • To save time, it is better than the patient gets a general blood test done
  • A scalp biopsy test also suits the purpose well and can give a gist of the results one can face by undergoing the transplant
The process of the treatment:
Hair transplant is a treatment that solves all trouble with the loss of hair. The technology used here to restore hair goes through a natural process. The procedure followed restores the hair with the help of a single follicular unit. Ourhair transplant doctor will examine the patients thinning patterns. Proper care is also taken concerning what suits the patients face. Ourhair transplant expert Dr. Mayak Singh is trained internationally. He follows a procedure using the ULTRA-D process. This process undergoes a sequence of fixing more than 50-80 grafts per square centimeter. The treatment is done centimeter wise as it gives a proportionate coverage to the scalp. The clinic comprises of state-of-art technologies. The operation theatre is well equipped. Optimum hygiene is followed in the area concerning protect each patient with due healthcare. The follicular unit is kept intact and used only when the transplantation is performed. This is done to avoid imbalances about temperature and moisture. The theatre room is equipped with LED lights to prevent the production of heat in the room.
What happens during a transplant?
If ever you are wondering about getting admitted in a hospital to undergo the treatment? You need not to do so — the time required for the transplant to be performed usually 6-8hours. The scalp is made numb with the help of anesthesia so that the patient does not have any discomfort when the treatment is completed. It is later followed by the specialist removing the healthy hair in the area where there is more hair growth. Each strand is removed individually. Thereafter the surgeons with the help of his assistant arrange the healthy hair and get them ready to attach them to the scalp area where the treatment needs to be done. It depends on the quality of the scalp about the number of strands that need to be fixed.
Aftermath procedures and results
The scalp will need to be bandaged for a course of time. The instructions need to be followed as suggested. However, in between 2-6 weeks post the hair transplant treatment, the transplanted hair will fall out. The hair might look scanty. The patient need not panic. It is a natural procedure. Everything will be back on track later. Theresults of hair transplant treatment will not be immediate. The patient needs to wait at least for 7-10 months’ post-surgery to notice useful results. The doctor might recommend some oral or external medications as per the requirements of the patient. This will help to improvise the growth of the hair and slow down hair fall post the treatment. It needs to be followed as per the prescription. If you have any more doubts or want to seek treatment feel free to drop into Radiance Cosmedic Centre to undergo hair transplant in South Delhi. Dr. Mayank Singh is highly skilled in this genre, and it is rated as the best hair transplant clinic


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