Is Robotic Hair Transplant best for you?

There are a lot of facts and knowledge available online about the different types of hair transplanting process on the market; most of the common are FUE and FUT to robotic hair transplants. In this blog, we’re are going to talk about robotic hair transplants and comparing them to the hair plants options available. 

What is a Robotic hair transplant?

Just like the FUE method, the robotic method uses ARTAS system to perform hair transplantation system. The first step of the method is trimming the hair follicles; this will help to identify the extract. During this method, professionals use local anesthesia on the scalp so that the pain is not felt. A skin tensioner is used to tighten the surface of the skin to improve the quality of hair restored. The whole procedures involve cameras and capture image, through the image processing software. This software helps to identify the agents of hair fallacies, which are ready to pluck and transplant.

There are various places where you can do a robotic hair transplant in Delhi. The process includes a robotic arm which removes the hair fallacies, the physician adjusts the robotic speed and other variable depending on the requirement of the client. Robotic hair transplant cost a little higher than the other option, but also it provides the faster results.

What is anFUE hair transplant?

The ARTAS system or any other robotic hair transplant processes have been built to replicate the result of FUE hair transplant.

The well-known transplant clinics use the best quality advance FUE hair transplant method. This is the best and safest procedure of manual hair transplantation that is available in the market. The robotic hair plantation side effects are very dangerous and can be severe. The FUE procedure is a minimally intrusive procedure that is best for getting the most natural looking hair restoration results possible. The hair follicles are then transplanted to a selected area of the scalp with thinning hairline. This procedure is performed using a specialist micro surgical needle; your physician will prick the scalp and then place the individual artificial hair in resemblance to your natural hairline.

Which treatment is the best?

As in with most treatments, there are different ways how hair transplant can be done and many clients have different opinions on which procedure is the best. The clinics boast highly skilled professionals with excellent skills of FUE hair transplant procedures offers the most natural and realistic looking hair restoration possible.


The physicians analyze your scalp completely before your starting the hair transplant procedure and instantly, they begin to figure out the perfect hairline transplant for you, and one crucial part of this is making sure the donor’s hair is considered. Your donor’s hair is an ultimate resource and our professionals know that they cannot pluck too much – otherwise, your hair transplant will look artificial. With their experience of many years, they know that skin of every scalp is not the same and the procedure must be done differently on every individual. Also, we must not overlook the side effects of robotic or ARTAS system of hair transplantation, the procedure can lead to a nerve injury in the donor area. Also, the scalp tightness can cause post-surgical edema, Hemorrhage, LPP, Hair thinning and cysts causing cancer. Robotic hair transplantation is never recommended; the FUE hair transplant procedure is safe and can give you better results. If you want to know more about FUE hair transplant treatment check with Radiance Cosmedic Centre, the hair transplant expert to trust on.


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