Is Stress A Crucial Driver To Garner Success In Hair Transplant?

Stress can delve major impacts on your body. Right from panic attacks and weight loss to a receding hairline – nowadays the effects of stress are undeniable. According to hair transplant experts, it’s perhaps normal to be concerned about how stress can impinge on your hair transplant especially if you’re prone to be affected by stressful situations in your daily life.

Even as a little initial hair loss is commonly associated with the transplant process, a majority of leading hair transplant surgeons are of the same mind that stress doesn’t exert much influence on transplanted hair. Nonetheless, indeed there are specific aspects of your lifestyle that may well have relevance on the degree of success your hair transplant treatment lives through.

Being transparent and straightforward is worthwhile from the very outset
  • Some of the best hair transplant doctors put emphasis on the point that a patient has to be honest and truthful about the habits and ways of life right from the beginning of the consultation.

  • You have to be absolutely candid in the conversation with the intention of giving your surgeon the best opportunity to carry out a successful hair transplant procedure.

  • This is imperative owing to the fact that a few certain habits like heavy smoking or consumption of alcohol can have a significant bearing on your healing process post-surgery.

  • This facet is applicable to all kinds of surgery you go through.

  • It’s a well-known fact how self-indulgent, heavy smoking has adverse impacts on your blood circulation. As you would expect, it can also limit blood supply to your scalp. Such a condition, as maintained by best hair transplant specialists, implies that the newly transplanted hair grafts show signs of stunted growth.

  • Excessive intake of alcohol results in bleeding. It also impedes the blood clotting process.

  • Sometimes, medications including herbal cures can strike at any surgical procedure. If you’re taking any prescribed medications or otherwise, it’s key that you inform the surgeon who gives treatment to you in a hair transplantation treatment clinic.

  • The consumption of your regular medicines can meddle in with other medications your surgeon prescribes during your hair transplant and once it’s over.

Steer clear of stress if possible
  • Doctors from some of the best hair transplant clinics state that stress hardly ever affects the outcome of your surgery.

  • However excessive stress can badly influence your mental well-being. It can derail the body’s inherent healing ability and its cascading effect can make you have trouble with your physical health.

  • Try to keep away from stressful situations a couple of weeks before your surgery.

  • Cut back your intake of tobacco, alcohol and practice deep breathing exercises to prevent stress getting in the way of a successful hair transplant procedure.

Radiance Cosmedic Centre offers best-in-class hair transplant in Delhi. At our clinic, every patient is provided with an aftercare guide that has vital information about useful ways to look after your transplanted hair. To make an appointment with our leading board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mayank Singh, give us a call or write to us today.


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