Shall I Need A Second Hair Transplant?

When someone suffers from severe hair loss, making up the mind on the choice of getting a hair transplant done can, time and again, seem like a crucial decision. A doctor for hair transplant in Delhi says that even though the procedure is commonplace nowadays and relatively safe with a short recovery time often supported by excellent outcomes, it still remains a cosmetic procedure.

  • Even though hair loss is a naturally occurring process, it anyway is an unwanted one.
  • In recent times people are more than willing to take a look at different cosmetic treatments to aid and abet in arresting hair loss.
  • While they opt for a hair transplant with an optimistic mind, they’re also in need of regular reassurance that the procedure will render lasting desirable results.
Expert advice
  • The main reason as to why some people go for a hair transplant is this inescapable problem of hair loss.
  • But after having one, a good number of recipients are concerned, as expected, that the hair loss issue may resurface.
  • A surgeon who performs the best surgery for hair transplant in Delhi will have the acumen to recommend the most opportune time to go for the procedure.
  • The doctor will also give you sufficient insights on how rapidly you’re experiencing the occurrence of hair loss and how uniformly is it spread all across your scalp.
  • Men, in particular, come up against hair loss mostly during their early thirties.
  • Then onward, hair loss usually exhibits a slowdown to a relatively more manageable rate.
  • By constantly keeping a track of your hair loss problem the surgeon can come up with a recommendation of the most suitable time to undergo a transplant and guarantee the best possible long-term outcomes.
  • It’s also found that people who submit to best-in-class FUE experience a gradual thinning in many other non-treated areas of the scalp.
  • The best hair transplant doctor in Delhi suggests, given that such a thing happens, an optional second hair transplant procedure.
  • However, you need to determine the amount of your own hair that you can use or if you’re in want of any external donor hair.
Second hair transplant
  • After your primary FUE treatment, expect your care team to advise treatments and medications to tackle and prevent any more hair loss and keep up a consistent natural-looking result.
  • Sometimes, a second hair transplant is done for adding extra volume and density to the already transplanted hair.
  • Even when you make a decision about a second hair transplant FUE is always the most favourable option to look ahead to.
  • Right from the very first procedure, it will give you natural lasting results.
  • Having it one more time guarantees the best optimal results.
  • The best hair transplant in Delhi states that if a hair transplant is done perfectly OK in the first go it’s anticipated to last even a lifetime mainly owing to the quality of hair used and the exact standard of FUE.
  • In the event that you’re contemplating a second hair transplant, it’s imperative that you consult the expert at the outset.
  • By doing so, you can be guided by the sundry available options to deal with your hair loss in select ways and rest assured to look and feel your best.

Our expert team at Radiance Cosmedic Centre, a reputed clinic that offers the best hair transplant services in Delhi, is aware of a multitude of aspects relating to an FUE transplant to help you in putting your mind at rest. In case, you still have queries or wish to talk about the options over personally, you can contact us today.


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