Should You Get A Treatment of Hair Transplant in the Current Coronavirus Situation?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is spreading like a wildfire and has already caused countless deaths across the globe. The nation is aggressively opposing against the outbreak of the coronavirus and trying every possible thing (social distancing & isolation) from getting it spread and infect other people.

But if you are looking ahead (in this current grave scenario) to get your transplant done, you have to pause your thoughts for a while and ask- Is it the right time to make the move?

Some of the Guideline for Hair Transplant During Corona Virus Situation

Dr. Mayank Singh, the Honorable secretary of Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons India (AHRS), has allegedly made a statement requesting to all patients looking forward to getting a hair transplant surgery and surgeons who operate the whole operation. He said as we all know the nation has been struck by the fatal coronavirus and is drastically impacting our lives. The kind of message that has been given across the entire nation is social distancing and isolation so that the spread of this virus infection cannot be effectively controlled and doesn’t affect individuals or damage them. 

He deliberately added further that “We know most people are either on leaves or working from homes and if they’re relentlessly thinking that it’s the best time to get the procedure done and no one can identify that they have ever had a procedure, then they are probably wrong. Our surgeons even reported that they are flooded with requests and applications of patients who are actively looking to get the treatment done in no time.

But as the current situation is concerned, this is not the right time to get the treatment done, he added. To explain the scenario, he even extended the statement that if one of the patients has the infection or the team who’s going to operate you might have symptoms, it may soar than anything else. And there are high chances that you may spread the infection from person to person.

Amongst all other scenarios, he even said that one of the worst scenarios may arise where you could have saved yourself and this procedure itself would cause the damage that we want to avoid.


Emotional And Humble Request To Fight Against Corona

In addition to the statement, he made a humble request that “Please don’t jump in for any kind of surgical operations including hair transplant in these coming days, especially when the government is looking ahead and having that social isolation to be done so that the infection doesn’t cause damage to the nation”. 


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