Some of the Important Advantages of Robotic Hair Transplant

Previously, the problem of hair loss was majorly faced by people while turning older, but, the case is not the same anymore. These days, a large number of young girls and boys can be found sitting in the clinics of hair specialists with the hope of stopping their hair loss or gaining back their old hair volume.

Today, when we are living in a world of Instagram and Twitter, appearance cared the most. From shopping to tripping, all that we do, we do it with a desire of perfectly capturing it in photographs and flaunt it in between our friends on social media. And in such a time when a perfect picture matters the most, lessening of hair can leave huge impacts on our confidence and mental health.

Among the plenty of Hair transplant Delhi methods available in recent times, Robotic Hair Transplant has gained huge recognition as the most consistent and precise treatment. This advanced technique of hair transplantation is nothing but an automated form of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Robotic Hair Transplantation Technique uses a robot that is programmed for carrying out the whole process of FUE on its own. It studies each individual hair follicle in terms of its angle, direction, and location. Then, almost instantaneously, it decides the best approach for harvesting each of these follicles. Following the harvest spacing instructions set by the Hair transplant doctors Delhi, this robot removes the follicles in a random pattern, making the procedure undetectable even after the healing of wounds.

This robot adds not only ease but also precision to the process of hair transplantation.
And, apart from the accuracy, this method also renders benefits like:

1. Higher Graft Survival Rate

Robotic Hair Transplant maximizes the graft survival rate. By automating the processes of graft harvesting and plantation, this method brings down the chances of human errors and therefore, eliminates the possibilities of graft damages.

2. Speedy Graft Harvesting

This robot-guided system not only brings accuracy in graft harvesting but also adds speed to it – the speed which is impossible to achieve with a simple Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant method.

3. Highest level of accuracy

Robotic Hair Transplant uses image-guided technology for the removal and insertion of grafts in the scalp. This technology gives a microscopic view of the complete processes taking place at the donor and the receiver sites. This zoomed view, in return, eliminates the chances of errors and maximizes the rate of precision.

4. Optical Guidance System

In this method of hair transplantation, the optical guidance system is used for searching and harvesting follicular units (grafts). This system helps in locating and removing the best possible grafts, mostly from the sides and the back of the scalp.

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