With hair transplant don’t kid around. Find a doctor who can get it right the first time

If a survey is done today to find out which is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world, hair transplant will get the maximum votes. Let’s face it we all love our hair and when we start to lose it, it is not a very nice feeling to have. Especially if we are in our twenties and thirties because that is too young to lose hair and the best option to get over baldness is hair transplant. This procedure has been made very popular all over the world because celebrities started getting this surgery. In India Salman Khan who is one of the biggest film stars is a prime example and from the world of cricket Harsha Bhogle and some ex-cricketers and present cricketers standout. Now the question is not where they got the procedure done from the answer is they have made this procedure popular. 

Pitfalls and false advertisement

Just because hair transplant is very popular does not mean one should go to just about any clinic. The fact is this is cosmetic procedure to give cover to baldness and the surgery must be performed by a plastic surgeon, alas that is not the case in India. General surgeons, dentist and even doctors who have general practice are performing this very delicate medical procedure. Some of the doctors give good results but most of them fail to even come close to the expectation and the patient is left in the lurch. That is a huge price to pay because one not only wastes money but also now they have to live with new hair growth that is patchy and looks unnatural. It is not very easy to fix this problem and there are only handfuls of doctors who can in India and they are all plastic surgeons. 

Think of hair transplant as an investment

When we invest the money we are careful about it. We choose the right mutual funds and the insurance policy that will suit our need so why be any different with regards to hair transplant. In India at present hair transplant is very affordable procedure but many clinics offer very low prices and that can be very dangerous to your future. So remember with quality there is a cost attached to it and there is no substitute for quality work. So choose your doctor carefully and make sure they are plastic surgeons because they have the right skill set and remember the first half of the title of this blog “With hair transplant don’t kid around” choose right live a confident life. 


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